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About Heartland

The town of Hud­son in the Rocky Moun­tains is home to Heart­land, the Bartlett fam­ily ranch. When his daugh­ter Mar­ion is killed in a car acci­dent, Grandpa Jack is left alone to run the ranch with his two grand­daugh­ters, the fiery teenager Amy and her ambi­tious sis­ter Lou. But the fam­ily is so deeply in debt that they might end up los­ing Heartland.

Tough and prac­ti­cal, Lou leaves her life in New York City to take over the busi­ness of run­ning the ranch. Her ratio­nal approach cre­ates fric­tion with the sen­si­tive Amy, who has inher­ited her mother’s gift as a horse whis­perer and is deter­mined to keep her mother’s dream alive. Aside from horses, Jack now has two grand­daugh­ters to rein in. Luck­ily, he has help from Ty, a tough and rebel­lious young man who was able to avoid jail by doing time on the ranch instead, Mal­lory, their twelve-year-old neigh­bor, and Scott, the local vet­eri­nar­ian, who has both a thing for Lou and a way with horses. But Val could be trou­ble; the wealthy widow and owner of a nearby ranch, she has her eyes on Jack…and per­haps Heart­land as well.

Although ups and downs divide them, noth­ing brings them closer than their pas­sion to save their dream, Heart­land. There’s going to be more than a few bumps along the way. And when tragedy strikes, the bonds of Amy and Ty’s rela­tion­ship will be put to the test.