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Jack Bartlett – “Grandpa” (mid-60’s). Jack is the rock of Heartland. He’s an ex-rodeo cowboy and cattle rancher whose peaceful retirement turns into the biggest challenge of his life. Jack sure didn’t count on raising a family all over again at his age, but here he is in his “golden” years with not only two granddaughters under his roof, but a kid on probation in the barn and a twelve year old neighbour, Mallory, who never leaves his side.

Shaun Johnston loves to say, "Home is where your heart is," and he tells everyone that his heart is strongly beating in Alberta.

"I've worked in every corner of this country and I find great things in every place where I work," Johnston says, adding, "But it is very special to be working here in Alberta, especially on a project that everyone is so passionate about."

Born and raised in Ponoka, Alberta, Johnston has lived in Edmonton since he attended the University of Alberta, where he took the renowned acting program there, graduating with a BFA.

The first film he was the lead character in was William Hornecker's 1993 feature "Two Brothers, a Girl and a Gun," which garnered him an Alberta Film & Television Award for Best Actor. He recently won the award again this year, for his portrayal of Captain Fancher – the leader of the wagon train - in Christopher Cain's theatrical feature "September Dawn."

On television Johnston has appeared in an array of roles, including the series lead, Jake Trumper, in "Jake and the Kid," opposite Christopher Plumber is both television movies "Agent of Influence" and "Dinosaur Hunter," as well as in the Emmy winning "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee" and the Gemini winning "Mayerthorpe."

Among his many other television appearances he was a series regular on "Traders" and had a recurring role as Sid Flemming on "Da Vinci's Inquest."

Shaun was honoured to receive a Gemini nomination for his portrayal as Jack in the first season of "Heartland." He was nominated in the Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Supporting Role in a Dramatic Series category, for his work in the episodes "Rising from the Ashes" (aka "Nothing Endures") and "Coming Together."

Jack Bartlett Played by Shaun Johnston

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