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Scott Cardinal (28). The local equine veterinarian is a Native Canadian who has a long history with the Flemings. Scott is one of Marion’s “success stories,” a troubled youth who was taken under her wing, and was once where Ty is now. He has a long-standing crush on Lou, but never seems to be able to work up the courage to express his true feelings. But who knows, maybe nice guys don’t always finish last.

Nathaniel Arcand is Plains Cree (Nehiyaw), from the Alexander First Nation Reserve. He was born and raised in Edmonton. Arcand was excited by the prospect of acting at age five when he first saw a Bruce Lee movie at a drive-in theatre. After watching the movie, he asked his mother how he could become an actor. She told him she didn't know, but that if he wanted to be an actor, he should follow his dreams.

He acted in high school and was discovered by a talent agent. Arcand's first small break in film was the 1994 role of Tree-Climber in "Savage Land," alongside Graham Greene. A few roles followed, but his career took off upon landing the role of William MacNeil in the CBC television series "North of 60." In 1997 he was nominated for a Gemini Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Supporting Role in a Dramatic Series for this role.

He gained extensive experience on this successful Canadian television series as well as 0n "Due South." Arcand also worked with legendary film director Lord Richard Attenborough, acting alongside Pierce Brosnan in "Grey Owl."

Today Arcand is a well-respected and established actor. He had lead roles in both "Montana Sky" and in Twentieth Century Fox Films' "Pathfinder." In the Showcase television series "Moose TV," he stars as Clifford Mathew who, with his friend George (played by Adam Beach), decide to reopen an abandoned television station in the isolated town of Moose. He also stars in the pilot of the upcoming series "Blackstone."

Other notable feature roles Arcand has been in include performances in "Black Cloud," "Skins," "Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning," "Speaking of Sex" and "American Outlaws." His television work includes the miniseries "DreamKeeper," "The Lone Ranger" (as Tonto), "100 Days in the Jungle," "Fear Itself" and "Into the West."

Nathaniel Arcand as Scott Cardinal

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