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Ty Borden (17). Ty is Heartland’s stable hand, not by choice, but as a condition of his probation. With a pretty spotted past still fresh in his mind, Ty is like an abused horse, slow to trust, difficult to train. He has an undiscovered knack for horses as well as a growing fondness for Amy.

Graham Wardle was born in Mission, BC and grew up in Vancouver, where he now lives. He has studied acting for a few years, training under Lisa Bunting.

Wardle describes himself as a big fan of anything to do with the arts.

He has had leading roles in some of television's most popular series such as "The X-Files," "The Sentinel," "The Outer Limits," "Supernatural" and "The New Addams Family." Prior to playing Ty on "Heartland," Graham was probably best known for his role in "In the Land of Women," opposite Meg Ryan and Adam Brody.

Wardle appeared in the television movie "Anna's Storm," alongside Scott Hylands, and he appeared in "Like Mike 2: Streetball."

This year he starred in Rob Grant's indie zombie feature "Yesterday," which is currently drawing rave notices on the North American festival circuit.

Wardle used to coach football, which he hopes to do again when his busy schedule allows it. Graham loves photography and is often seen around Calgary with his camera in hand, taking photographs. He is also an avid student of film production, and is constantly learning about the crafts of writing and directing, which he hopes to put to good use in the future with some projects of his own.

Graham Wardle as Ty Borden

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