Episode Guide

Ep. 301 – Sec­ond Chances
Amy and Ty face a tough moral dilemma when they dis­cover that Mr. Han­ley has aban­doned his horses and is on the brink of los­ing his farm. Jack and Lisa’s rela­tion­ship is on the line when Lisa comes back from Europe and feels that there may be some­thing between Jack and Val. Lou is in the mid­dle of wed­ding plans. Mal­lory is being extra nice to Lou because Mal­lory wants to be asked to be one of her brides maids. Jake comes back with a new girl­friend, Chelsea. Mal­lory con­tin­ues to text and call Badger.

Ep. 302 – Spin Out!
Lisa wants to tell Lou and Amy that she and Jack are engaged, but Jack doesn’t want to over­shadow Lou and Peter’s wed­ding plans by telling them. The Hud­son towns­peo­ple gos­sip over Jack and Lisa. After a visit with Val, Lisa begins to have sec­ond thoughts.

Ep. 303 – Ring of Fire
When Amy fol­lows in her mother’s foot­steps and enters into a pro­fes­sional colt start­ing com­pe­ti­tion, her gift with horses and her self-confidence are put to the test. Mal­lory is inter­ested in join­ing her school rid­ing club and seeks help from Amy and Caleb.

Ep. 304 – In the Cards
A sur­prise announce­ment by Peter throws Lou’s wed­ding plans into dis­ar­ray while Amy and Ty are forced to make dif­fi­cult deci­sions about their futures. Amy then gives back their “Promise” ring that Ty gave her, then asks for it back. Caleb wants Ash­ley to come to some rodeos in the states with him. Lisa is being care­ful not to inter­fere with Lou’s wed­ding even when Lou really needs her help, mak­ing Lou feel respon­si­ble for Lisa and Jack chang­ing their minds on the engage­ment. All the while Amy treats on of the contestant’s, from the ring of fire, horse which causes mixed feelings.

Ep. 305 — Home­com­ing
Ty is finally com­ing home after being gone for three months, but his home­com­ing is not what Amy was hop­ing for. Tag­ging along with him is another girl, Blair, whose boyfriend had to stay with the bro­ken down truck. Amy is not happy at all, and Ty is com­pletely obliv­i­ous to why she is mad after he tells her that he is not inter­ested in her at all. Blair kisses Ty, but he doesn’t rec­i­p­ro­cate her feel­ings at all. Ty does not tell Amy how­ever Amy and Ty are still together. In the end, Blair leaves with her boyfriend.

Ep 306 – What Dreams May Become
Amy scratches the sur­face to dis­cover Nick Harwell’s prob­lems with his polo horse, Dusty. All of the polo horses get sick, so it is up to Ty and Scott to find the prob­lem. Lou’s life in Dubai and Tim’s rela­tion­ship with his jockey are not what they appear to be.

Ep. 307 – Road Curves
Amy is angry when Chase comes back and insists on her putting on a show with him. When Amy refuses he puts fliers up all over the place adver­tis­ing their show, and now she can­not back out. When the show is over Chase kisses Amy who kisses him back as a spur of the moment but does not rec­i­p­ro­cate his feel­ings. Lisa offers to buy the Dude ranch.

Ep 308 – Grad­u­a­tion
It is Amy’s grad­u­a­tion, but her life seems to flip over when she is offered into a full schol­ar­ship for an equine pro­gram. With Lou think­ing she is stu­pid not to take it, Amy has prob­lems choos­ing, and with the fact she is grad­u­at­ing with­out her mom there. Bad­ger is back and tries to fight for Mal­lory, but ends up giv­ing Spar­tan colic. Tim and Lisa clash over the price for the Dude ranch.

Ep. 309 – Where The Truth Lies
Amy and Ty con­vince Sarah, the town her­mit, to let them treat her sick horse at Heart­land. When they do, the fam­ily helps her face the ghosts of her past. Also, Bad­ger and Mal­lory go off on an adven­ture nei­ther of them will soon for­get. On the Dude Ranch front, Lisa and Lou are not see­ing eye to eye, and this only gets more com­pli­cated when Peter returns to Heartland.

Ep. 310 – Win, Place or Show
Tim gets Amy to ride Light­ning Dex­ter in a stakes race when he finds out his girl­friend Jan­ice has taken a jock­ey­ing posi­tion with another owner, Dan, who is also Lisa’s ex. Bad­ger rolls into Heart­land dri­ving a sweet used car. Ty dis­cov­ers some­thing about the car that Bad­ger had been bliss­fully igno­rant about. Jake gets help from Jack. Mal­lory is once again torn between Jake and Bad­ger. Peter tries to buy his way out of the dog­house with Lou while Caleb buys his way into the poor­house for Ashley.

Ep. 311 – Jack­pot!
Caleb turns to his old friend Kit to part­ner with him so they can win the prize money in a team rop­ing jack­pot. This sets in motion a series of strange events, which results in some unusual team pair­ings. Tim is con­cerned that Light­ning Dex­ter is start­ing to cost him a lot of money but is not able to race. When the oppor­tu­nity comes up to pos­si­bly sell the recu­per­at­ing horse, he plots a way to get the max­i­mum amount of cash. Jack finds him­self in a bid­ding ‘war’ with Lisa against her ex-husband Dan. Mal­lory and Badger’s rela­tion­ship starts to heat up again, but Mal­lory won­ders if she’s picked the right guy when she watches Jake and Jamie.

Ep. 312 – One Day
Amy is hired to do a horse clinic with a group of pri­sion­ers. One of them turns out to be Joe, an old friend of Ty’s who he hung with dur­ing his bad old days at the group home. Who also saved him from a harder time in jail. Ash­ley and Caleb attempt to deal with the new landlord/tenant rela­tion­ship they now have with Ashley’s mom, Val. Mean­while, Mal­lory, Jamie, Jake and Bad­ger go berry pick­ing for Mrs. Bell. Mal­lory and Bad­ger come to terms with their rela­tion­ship after an inci­dent where every­one finds out that Jake and Bad­ger have some­thing in com­mon nobody knew about.

Ep. 313 – Local Hero
Ty and Amy find a calf in the woods which leads them to Tim’s stolen cat­tle. When he learns of this, Tim con­vinces the fam­ily that they need to take the law into their own hands. But the cat­tle res­cue and sub­se­quent drive has to maneu­ver a dan­ger­ous course when they come face to face with the rustlers who shot Tim two year ago, and Mallory’s attempt to be part of adven­ture puts her in harm’s way. Val’s efforts to con­vince Ash­ley and Caleb to sign a mar­riage con­tract, leads to a shock­ing rev­e­la­tion. They are not legally mar­ried. Lou returns home from Dubai, in no mood to answer ques­tions about her mar­riage or why she isn’t with her hus­band. And is quite snappy.

Ep. 314 – Mood Swings
Grant and Blair – Ty’s Travel Bud­dies – return to Heart­land. The issue of Blair kiss­ing Ty and decid­ing not to tell Amy is resolved with Ty and Amy break­ing up and Ty leav­ing Heart­land to move in with Caleb and Ash­ley. Also, Caleb and Ash­ley have dif­fi­culty adjust­ing to the real­ity that they aren’t legally mar­ried. Caleb receives some sage-like advice from Tim. Mallory’s adven­ture of being locked in the horse trailer and being returned to Heart­land by the police is still rever­ber­at­ing. Mean­while, Lou gets some news that will have a huge impact on her and Peter’s lives.

Ep. 315 – Fam­ily Busi­ness
Still not in the best frame of mind after her recent break up with Ty, Amy fights to keep Light­ning Dex­ter in the fam­ily when she learns Tim is putting his horse up for sale in a claim­ing race, some­thing Jan­ice believes is the “right thing to do”. Ty is also strug­gling with the break-up as well, neglect­ing his school­work to help Caleb hus­tle money at a pool hall. And of course, Chase Pow­ers gets involved in the Dex­ter claim­ing race ordeal and makes things even more awk­ward between Amy and Ty in the process. Mean­while, a newly preg­nant Lou has a great idea for the baby’s nurs­ery that doesn’t sit well with Jack. Peter has prob­lems of his own as he tries to con­duct his com­pany busi­ness from Heart­land. What about Mal­lory? Well, Mal­lory is grow­ing up and reaches a deci­sion that she may come to regret later. She has quit her job at Heart­land and come to work poorly at Maggie’s.

Ep. 316 – Lost Song
While Lou is hav­ing the troops clean out the closet in Marion’s old room, prepar­ing to trans­form it into a nurs­ery, some inter­est­ing items are found that have a pro­found effect on the men of Heart­land. A gui­tar which used to belong to Lyndy – Jack’s late wife and Marion’s mother – is found and Jack finds some­thing inter­est­ing in its case. A tro­phy for “all-round cow­boy” won by Tim in Ponoka two decades ago also gets uncov­ered. Tim’s really excited to get it back, but repairs needed to the tro­phy prompt Caleb to offer to get it fixed. By accept­ing Caleb’s offer, Tim unknow­ingly sets events in motion that turn very inter­est­ing for not only Caleb, but for Ty as well. As they go down the road of beer, cars and gam­bling. Jack says the most roman­tic thing he has ever muttered.

Ep. 317 – The Road Home
Ty con­tin­ues down his road of recent con­fu­sion, and so Jack – liv­ing up to his role as the patri­arch – decides to step up and offer some advice. The ques­tion is will Ty take it? To make a point, Jack does some­thing quite dra­matic and it coin­ci­den­tally puts Ty in a sit­u­a­tion which causes his true nature to step up. And for­tu­nately for con­cerned, his bad delin­quent past comes in very handy. Lisa and Lou have words decid­ing how the Dude Ranch will be run once Lou has her baby, and Lou has some words of wis­dom for Amy as well. And of course Chase is never at a loss for words when it comes to advis­ing Amy how to do things.

Ep. 318 – Leap of Faith
Amy helps out Stu­art For­est, the trainer of the horse that got Amy a ton of hits on Youtube for being a “Mir­a­cle Girl”. His daughter’s horse is too much for her to han­dle but he just won’t accept that. Chase tries to help by giv­ing her a new bit, but she is too eager to make her dad proud and has an acci­dent. Stu­art then decides to sue Heart­land for neg­li­gence. Mean­while, Jack is try­ing to per­suade Mal­lory to come back to Heart­land and care for Copper.

Ep. 319 – The River
There is a bear hang­ing around Heart­land and get­ting into things on the farm. Amy is doing her best to put the whole law suit thing behind her but its just not work­ing, when Ty comes to tale to Amy about it, she kisses him and Ty kisses back. (Though not back together fully) While Amy is out for a trail ride she runs into the bear and Spar­tan rears caus­ing Amy to fall and hits her head hard and blacks out. Ty starts to worry and goes out to look for her, while she is out she has a strange dream with her mom as a lit­tle girl, he soon finds her and takes her back. Also Low is feel­ing that it is the worst pos­si­ble time to have a baby. Stu­art has a rev­e­la­tion when his daugh­ter tells him that it is his fault that she doesn’t want to ride any­more and that she hates him, in the end he decides not to go through with the law suit. Amy still works with Stuart’s daugh­ter and her horse and train­ing goes really well. Soraya and Chase argue and have disagreements.

Ep. 320 – Never Sur­ren­der
Caleb’s friend Bryce, a par­a­lyzed mil­i­tary vet and ex-rodeo star, hires Amy to help sell his rop­ing horse. How­ever, Amy sees an oppor­tu­nity to re-train both horse and rider, thought she needs help to con­vince this proud and emo­tion­ally dam­aged cow­boy that he can recap­ture his love for rid­ing despite his injury. Tim shares a mis­un­der­stand­ing with Jack through a lack of com­mu­ni­ca­tion which con­tributes to the inter­est­ing rela­tion­ship between the two men. Scott Car­di­nal drops by Heart­land again, to check in on Ty and say “hello” to Lou. And even Mal­lory return to Heart­land to see Cop­per again. As for the ever-expanding Lou, she mean­while agrees to be Marnie’s labour coach but being around Marnie’s ram­bunc­tious tod­dler makes her won­der if she’s really cut out for motherhood.

Ep. 321 – Burn­ing Down the House
Tim and his girl­friend announce that they are sell­ing the ranch and mov­ing to Cal­i­for­nia. But one of Tim’s old girl­friends comes back and claims that Tim is the father of her son, Shane. And a pater­nity test says that he is. Ash­ley finally comes home. Ty is still hav­ing trou­ble just being friends with Amy. Ash­ley decides to go to school in British Colum­bia and Caleb is not sure if he should go or stay.

Ep. 322 – Pas­sages
Amy and Ty work through their trust issues as they train a pair of Clydes­dales, but it’s an emer­gency at Heart­land that reveals their true strength as a team when it mat­ters most. Tim is still reel­ing from the knowl­edge that Shane is in fact his son but he finds him­self bond­ing with the boy despite him­self. Bad feel­ings resur­face between Caleb and Val when he accuses her of manip­u­lat­ing Ash­ley and her deci­sion to go away to the Uni­ver­sity. Mean­while, Lou’s due date is still three weeks sway. She’s moody, uncom­fort­able and sick of being preg­nant. She wants the baby now, but as the say­ing goes: “Be care­ful what you wish for”.